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Paris Toilette.

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Nile-Green silk with handsome embroidery is the material of the evening gown illustrated. the round corsage without darts is trimmed around the low neck with three strands of beads of green and golden brown shades. Below this is a drapery of silk embroidered with white silk and smaller beads. Rows of beads like those at the top are around the waist, and triple rows of beads fall thence on the skirt. The skirt is edged at the foot with a row of beads, and is very richly embroidered all around in points done with white silk and beads. The point in the middle of the front is higher than the others, and each point is bordered with a row of beads. The fan is of white ostrich feathers on shell sticks. Long white Suede gloves complete the toilette.

Harper's Bazar, December 2, 1893
(Page 14)

A Paris Dinner Gown.

This elegant gown for Lenten dinner parties is of royal blue velvet. The corsage is plain in front and laced in the back. A bertha of antique lace veils the large balloon sleeves, and is draped in front with a jeweled brooch. The belt of satin is embroidered with silk in the natural colors of the flower design, and is finished by a large band simulating a sash, wider at the foot than at the top, and terminated in a deep fringe. A bouquet of natural flowers is at the head of the sash. The skirt, with very slight train, falls on godet pleats. A collar of pearls and white sude gloves complete the toilette.

Harper's Bazar
24 February 1894
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(Page 25)

Paris Opera Toilette.

An evening gown of buttercup-yellow satin and dahlia-colored velvet is from Madame Buzenet of Paris. The pointed corsage has a drapery of the dark velvet around the neck, which also forms butterfly sleeves. Below this is a bertha of the satin cut in vandykes, and embroidered with gold and pearl beads done partly on velvet and partly on satin. The skirt has little pleated basques falling straight on the sides, and is trimmed with vines of embroidery in gold and beads extending down each side of the front. The foot of the skirt is cut in points, embroidered and fringed, and falling on a band of dahlia velvet. The train is draped slightly, and is ornamented on one side with a velvet panel, and on the other with two large velvet bows.

Harper's Bazar, 3 March 1894
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(Page 28)

Paris Dinner Gown.

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Moire and mousseline are charmingly combined in the graceful evening gown from Paris, of which an illustration is given herewith. The trained skirt proclaims that it is for a matron - a young chatelaine who evidently prefers to leave off her jewels when receiving her friends. The low pointed corsage is of pale-yellow moire antique. It is fitted by darts and laced in the back. All the top of the waist is mousseline de soie of the same yellow tone, drawn down from the shoulders in full folds to meet at the bust and form a ruffle below. The sleeves are each a great puff of mousseline trimmed with double jabots of the same, held by a large bow of black satin ribbon.
The train is straight and not of great length. It is of the yellow moire opening on a tablier front of mousseline de soie gathered quite full on a foundation skirt of yellow taffeta. A large rouche of the mousseline borders the foot of the transparent tablier. A bow of black sating ribbon terminates the corsage in the back, with long sash ends descending almost to the foot of the skirt.
White and Pink moire gowns similar to this model have been designed for Newport, Lenox, and other summer abiding-places. The ribbons used in some of these dresses were white in preference to black. The mousseline matches the moire in color in every instance.

Harper's Bazar, 7 July 1894
(Page 43)

Dinner Toilettes.

Chine-figured silk, with a light fuscia-red ground, is the material of one of the dinner gowns illustrated. A narrow scarf of bronze velvet is knotted at intervals about the edge of the skirt. The plain-fitting waist, with short puffed sleeves, has a heart-shaped decolletage, framed on the shoulders and back by a deep velvet collar edged with spangled passementerie, and draped at the front in chiffon scarfs coming from under the collar, and hanging in lace-edged ends to below the waist.
A sumptuous gown is of green velvet, with applied metallic embroidery associated with green and brown shot moire. The entire front of the skirt is of velvet, interrupted on each side by a narrow moire panel with spangled edge. The deep-folded back of the skirt is of the moire. The low-necked pointed bodice is of velvet, with drooping puffed sleeves of moire.

Harper's Bazar, 9 March 1895
dinner toilettes
(Page 69)

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