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1876: Centennial Summer Fashions

Ladies’ Summer Straw Bonnets
from Harper’s Bazar, 1876, July 22

1876 hat 1876 hat Fig. 1.—Italian Straw Bonnet, with flat crown and broad brim, trimmed with a wreath of flowers of different colors and with blue net gauze, which is arranged in long ends falling in the back. Inside, the bonnet is furnished with a band trimmed with flowers like those on the crown.

Fig. 2.—Italian Straw Bonnet, trimmed with striped maize silk gauze ending in a scarf. The brim is lined with puffings of similar gauze. A spray of red field roses is on the crown.

1876 hat 1876 hat Fig. 3.—Black Neapolitan Bonnet, with a flat crown and narrow brim turned up in the middle of the back. The trimming consists of striped cream-colored silk gauze continued in a scarf. The band in front is covered with puffs of similar gauze, and is trimmed with pale pink roses and ostrich feathers, and in the back the bonnet is trimmed with loops and ends of black velvet ribbon and pale pink roses.
Fig. 4.—White Neapolitan Bonnet, with high crown and narrow turned-down brim. The trimming consists of puffings of cream-colored silk, pink roses and ostrich feathers, and a brownish wing. Dotted cream silk tulle edged with insertion and lace of the same color, and arranged in puffs, completes the trimming, and ends in a scarf in the back.
Fig. 5.—Italian Straw Bonnet, with a flat crown and broad brim curved at the left side. The brim is lined with side-pleated blue silk reps, and furnished with a band covered with puffs of blue gauze. Similar gauze is wound 1876 hat around the crown, laid in loops in the back, and left hanging in 1876 hat a scarf veil. The hat is trimmed, besides, with a wreath of white flowers and blue ostrich feathers.

Lace Point worn as a Summer Hood.

This hood is formed of a lace point arranged so that the triangular corner falls over the corner the forehead, something on the Marie Stuart Fashion. Bows of pale gros grain ribbon trim the hood in front, as shown by the illustration.

1876  Straw Hat

Pleated Muslin Suit.

This pretty suit, which is easily laundered, and especially designed for washing materials, consists of three garments—basque, over-skirt, and lower skirt. The original is made of white Swiss muslin. The skirt is trimmed in front with three and in the back with five side-pleated muslin ruffles. A similar ruffle borders the over-skirt at the bottom. On the left side is a side-pleated pocket, trimmed with bows of pale blue gros grain ribbon. The trimming consists of side-pleated ruffles and bows of gros grain ribbon.

Harper’s Bazar, August 5, 1876

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