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Masquerade & Carnival:
Their Customs & Costumes

Originally published by Butterick, 1892

small cover Masquerade and Carnival: Their Customs and Costumes was originally published by the Butterick Publishing Company in a revised and enlarged edition in 1892.

"A work giving engravings and descriptions of popular costumes and naming appropriate occasions for their adoption, and also recapitulating the different varieties of Masquerade entertainments and their customs and requirements was evidently desired and needed; and to that demand we have responded in a manner that cannot fail to meet with approval and appreciation."

The Butterick Publishing Co. [Limited]           

A richly illustrated catalogue for fancy dress costumes, this treasure was meant as a compilation of various themes of costumes, whether fanciful or historical, with instructions on which colors, fabrics, and trims could be used. Whether one wishes to become a bat, Cleopatra, Rosalind (as dressed by Lillie Langtry!), or Robinson Crusoe you will find it here.

This volume also describes various types of popular ball and party themes such as Tableaux Vivants, Calico Balls, and Martha Washington Balls. There is also an entire section devoted to Entertainments for Young Folks, with numerous illustrations of fairy tale and historical costumes and themes for children's parties.

8 " by 11" high quality photocopy, with glue-in binding
176 pages
over 300 black and white illustrations
first republished 1999

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