vintage dress series books
vintage dress series books

Evening Dress of the 1890s
As seen in Harper’s Bazar

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1.Before the Ball, illustration and poem, December 26, 1891.
2.Moonlight on a Balcony, June 27, 1891.

3.Peau de soie princesse gown and a light-green brocade gown, January 14, 1893.
4.Paris evening toilette of pale-yellow ottoman silk, January 14, 1893.
5.Marie Louise coiffure, January 14, 1893.
6.A Worth reception dress, February 15, 1893.
7.Ball gown of ciel blue silk, March 4, 1893.
8.Blue and gold demi-trained princesse gown and a pale blue silk dress, March 4, 1893.
9.Dinner or reception toilette in shot brocade, March 4, 1893.
10.A rose-colored satin and brocade Paris dinner gown, May 27, 1893.
11.New York Fashions: Summer evening dresses, June 3, 1893.
12.The Royal Wedding, Princess May’s trousseau, July 15, 1893.
13.Young lady’s Summer evening gown, June 24, 1893.
14.Paris Nile-green silk embroidered evening gown, December 2, 1893.
15.Evening gown in yellow and white with pannier drapery and gown of pale-green silk muslin, December 2, 1893.
16.Reception toilette of black velvet and embroidered pink silk and a lace drapery for evening bodice, December 2, 1893.
17.Notes on Viennese court toilettes and a Parisian ball gown, December 16, 1893.
18.New York fashions: Christmas dinner gowns and dancing dresses, December 16, 1893.
19.Young lady’s white satin gown, velvet and moiré gown, ball gown of tulle and silk, and broché satin and chiffon gown, December 23, 1893.
20.White satin and brocade gown, clouded moiré gown, silk muslin gown with appliqué, faille and velvet gown with embroidery, and a broché satin gown, December 23, 1893.
21.Front and back views of figures 5, 7, 8, and 9 on page 20, and a lady’s low corset, December 23, 1893.

22.White satin and yellow mirror velvet evening gown and a dinner gown in blue panne shot velvet, February 17, 1894.
23.Reception gown of réséda faille and pale yellow muslin and a shot violet satin dinner gown, February 17 1894.
24.Yellow and violet chiné taffeta dress and a description of The London Season, February 17, 1894.
25.Royal blue velvet dinner gown, February 24, 1894.
26.White satin dinner gown, February 24, 1894.
27.What Parisiennes are wearing, February 24, 1894.
28.Buttercup-yellow Paris Opera toilette, March 3, 1894.
29.Ivory satin and tulle gown from Worth, March 3, 1894.
30.Paris dinner gown of cream-white and green dotted tulle, March 3, 1894.
31.Dinner or reception dress, October 27, 1894; gown with pointed overskirt, March 10, 1894.
32.A Paris china-pink evening gown, March 17, 1894.
33.A Worth evening gown of ciel-blue satin, March 17, 1894.
34.A Worth dinner gown of black satin and velours frappé, March 24, 1894.
35.In the social zoo, shoes, hosiery; and gloves, April 7, 1894.
36.A Worth evening dress for an elderly lady, April 7, 1894.
37.Worth evening and carriage cloaks, April 7, 1894.
38.A French dinner gown of pink moiré antique, April 14, 1894.
39.A Worth evening gown with court train, April 21, 1894.
40.Neck ornament and belt of jet passementerie and a dinner gown of small-figured faille, June 23, 1894.
41.New York fashions: Newport toilettes, afternoon gowns, dinner and dancing dresses, and how to use ribbons, June 30, 1894.
42.Silk skirt with accordion-pleated chiffon blouse and a white barége gown, June 30, 1894.
43.Paris dinner gown in moiré and mousseline, July 7, 1894.
44.Paris dinner and dancing dress of pale blue satin and white lace, August 4, 1894.
45.Early Autumn toilette of yellow taffeta with black design, September 8, 1894.
46.Description of gowns, September 29, 1894; evening gown of accordion-pleated cloud-gray silk and a reception gown of yellow faille, September 8, 1894.
47.A Worth evening gown in mauve, violet, and creamy white, September 15, 1894.
48.Young lady’s reception toilette; new models for sleeves and ribbon belt arrangements, October 6, 1894.
49.Dotted net evening gown, October 20, 1894.
50.New York fashions: evening dresses, débutantes' gowns, and separate low corsages, October 20, 1894.
51.New York fashions continued Worth dinner gowns, etc., October 20, 1894.
52.White moiré evening gown and a silk chiné gown for young ladies, October 20, 1894.
53.Young lady’s evening cloak, December 1, 1894; Bengaline evening gown, evening ties and slippers, and jet collars, November 17, 1894.
54.Evening gown of dotted chiffon over satin from Paquin, November 24, 1894.
55.Opera toilette of crêpéd Liberty silk, November 24, 1894.
56.Pink faille evening gown suitable for a matron and a youthful gown of white chiné silk, November 24, 1894.
57.Fans and fan bags, November 24, 1894.
58.New York Fashions: Opera toilettes, coiffures, in the orchestra seats, gloves and slippers, and evening wraps, December 1, 1894.
59.A Doucet ball dress, December 8, 1894.
60.New York fashion: in holiday attire and décolleté gowns; how to dress the neck, December 15, 1894.
61.Winter waist of moiré gauze in bayadere stripes, blouse of white mousseline de soie, and a waist of yellow chiffon over satin, December 15, 1894.
62.How some women keep their clothes in order, December 15, 1894.

63.Pale water green satin Duchesse evening gown and a black wave pleated chiffon and velvet gown, January 19, 1895.
64.Worth dinner gown, January 19, 1895.
65.Young lady’s reception gown in yellow taffeta broché, February 16, 1895.
66.French dinner gown of striped silk, March 2, 1895.
67.Paris evening toilette of pale golden-yellow peau de soie, March 2, 1895.
68.Black and white evening gown, March 16, 1895.
69.Chiné silk evening gown and a gown of green velvet and brown shot moiré, March 9, 1895.
70.Evening gown for a young lady, of taffeta and chiné, Portrait of the Countess of Castellane, née Gould, March 9, 1895.
71.French evening wrap from Worth, march 16, 1895.
72.A Paris evening toilette, April 6, 1895.
73.White satin gown, April 13, 1895.
74.A Worth afternoon gown of mauve cashmere, May 11, 1895.
75.Back view of Worth afternoon gown seen on page 74, May 11, 1895.

76.Paris toilette of yellow satin trimmed with tulle, January 11, 1896.
77.Sortie de bal or French cloak in Pompadour silk, January 11, 1895.
78.Ivory and white satin evening gown, January 11, 1895.
79.Evening and theater bodices and evening slippers, January 18, 1896.
80.French evening gown of turquoise-blue satin with ostrich garniture, January 25, 1896.
81.Louis XVI evening gown of ivory taffeta with painted designs of flowers, January 25, 1896.
82.Ball gown of white satin and Lyons tulle; New York fashions: evening waists and the satin pelisse, January 25, 1896.
83.Broché satin Paris evening gown, February 8, 1896.
84.Evening gown of white satin and pleated mousseline de soie and a pink velvet and flowered silk evening toilette, February 8, 1896.
85.French evening gown and blue velvet cloak, February 8, 1896.
86.A Paris dinner gown of mousseline de soie, February 22, 1896.
87.Evening fans, reception gown of flowered silk, and a simple dinner or evening gown, March 7, 1896.
88.Paris reception gown in peau de soie; description of fashions for evening waists, May 23, 1896.
89.Evening gown of pink faille, accordion-pleated waist of white mousseline de soie, and a green velvet gown, October 3, 1896.
90.Young lady’s evening gown of chiné flowered silk, Louis XV style evening gown, October 3, 1896.
91.Fashionable dances of the day, December 22, 1896.
92.Description of fashionable evening gown styles; Cotillion favors, December 26, 1896.
93.Evening gown of tulle trimmed with flowers, December 26, 1896.
94.Young lady’s reception gown trimmed with velvet ribbon, and an evening gown of light blue mousseline de soie, December 26, 1896.
95.Evening wraps, December 26, 1896.

96.Evening gown of Parma-voilet moiré; description of fashionable ball dresses, December 4, 1897.
97.Evening gown of pale pink belgaline, white dotted net evening gown, and a pink crêpe de chine reception gown, December 4, 1897.

98.Advertisements, December 23, 1893.
99.Advertisement, November 24, 1894.
100.Advertisements, March 14, 1896.
101.Advertisements, March 14, 1896.

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