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Evening Dress of the Early Jazz Age

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Lady’s, Misses’ and Girl’s Evening & Dinner Gowns
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30. Soulié and the Autumn modes, The Delineator, November 1920.
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34. Frocks that dance away the Winter, Frills, panels and pockets add fullness to the smart costume, The Delineator, January 1920.
35. The Silhouette may be Straight, but Paris Evades the Question with Sash Trains, Hip Bows, Loose Panels and Transparent Tunic, The Delineator, February 1921.
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40. Soulié Indicates the Course of the Summer Styles, The Delineator, June 1920.
41. With the Still Short Skirt and Backless Bodice a Little Does not have to go a Long Way in Gowns Designed by Soulié, The Delineator, November 1920.
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53. Evening Dress Designs in Black Chantilly Lace, Nail-heads and Green & Gold Brocade by Jenny, Renee & Patou, Harper’s Bazar, April 1921.
54. No-neck Instead on Low-neck of the Sleeveless Evening Gown: Gowns by Marthe Wingrove, Marion Belle & Georgette, The Delineator, April 1921.
55. Jeanne Lanvin Gown in Marron-Colored Faille, The Delineator, March 1920; Gown with Trailing Sash, The Delineator, October 1920.
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Undergarments & Sleepwear
78-79. Lingerie of Silk and Cotton, Pictorial Review Fashion Book, Winter 1919-20; American Lady Corsets, Pictorial Review, September & October 1920.
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88. Warner’s Rust-Proof Corsets (Advertisement), The Delineator, May 1920.

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Fashion Accessories & Outerwear
90. Girdle, Belts, Butterfly Bow, Evening Pumps, The Ladies’ Home Journal, October 1920; Pailetts Hose and Silver Slippers, The Designer, March 1920.
91. Embroidered Glove; Floral Evening Gown Decoration; Embroidered Back Panel; Tulle Drapery, The Delineator, September 1920; Sircom Petticoats (Advertisement), Pictorial Review, October 1920.
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93. Lux Soap: How to Keep your Silk Underwear and Stockings (Advertisement), The Designer, March 1920.
94. At the Opera: Evening Wrap and Bandeau, Cover Image, Woman’s Weekly, January 12, 1924.
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97. Evening Cloak by Soulié, The Delineator, November 1921; Wrap Coat, The Delineator, October 1920.
98. The Smartest Evening Wrap is a Shawl, The Delineator, July 1924; Wrap of Velvet in Dolman Style, Elite Styles, February 1920.
99. The Right Foot is the One that Wears the French Type of Shoe, The Delineator, March 1920.
100. Hand-bag, Ostrich Feather Fan, The Delineator, March 1920; Bangle Bracelets, The Delineator, November 1920; Bracelets & Girdles by Madeline et Madeline, The Delineator, September 1920.
101. Feather Fan, The Delineator, March 1920; Corsage Bouquet by Lanvin and Drop Shoulder Frock of Peach-red Velvet, The Delineator, November 1920; Chiffon Muff, The Delineator, September 1920; Kid Slippers, The Designer, October 1920.
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104-105. As Paris Trims her new Costume: Using Cord and Braid, The Delineator, November 1921; Kleinert’s Sanitary Dress Protector (Advertisement), The Delineator, April 1920.

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Hairstyles & Headdresses
106-107. When you Bob your Hair: Study your Style and be Sure the Cut is Becoming, The Delineator, December 1921; Fashionette Invisible Hair Nets (Advertisement), The Ladies’ Home Journal, October 1920.
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Gentlemen’s Evening Dress & Accessories
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122. Evening Dress and the Dinner Jacket, The Delineator, November 1919.

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